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Elite Stallion Va Tout

09/00501/78 Dark Bay, 1978 173

Liz Horn began breeding competition horses many years ago when she took a small thoroughbred ex-show hack to an HIS stallion in the early 1960's. Moving to heavier stallions to get more bone to produce showhunters and competition horses and after living for a spell in Germany, she bred the first Trakehner cross in the North of England and was so pleased she decided to buy pure bred stock direct from Germany and went on to establish Highwell Stud in the early 1980's when she acquired German Reserve National Champion and later British Supreme Champion Elite mare, Premium and State Premium mare ROMA II and then German Elite Stallion and Grand Prix International Dressage horse VATOUT with other top class stock to follow. Highwell Stud became one of the first studs to regularly use AI and was one of the first three Ministry Approved Semen Collection Centres for Export in the UK. Liz was one of the first Ministry Approved Equine Inseminators in the UK and has had a huge experience in this area..

The breeding policy of Highwell Stud has been based on over 35 years of breeding competition horses and is that you are more likely to breed top class horses if you use stallions proven in sport and above all with high class, consolidated pedigrees. This is not new as it the practice of the racing fraternity who have known this for a long time but many competition horse breeders rely on the 'fluke' factor. The nations who do best in international competition do not rely on chance discovery of talented horses but invest in astute selection of breeding stock.

Why Trakehners? As an athletic and beautiful competition horse they can rarely be excelled. The overtly 'people friendly' character makes for a trainable horse for the sympathetic rider and they make a rewarding companion to own. They do not respond to a heavy hand but as they are usually interested in the work and love to learn new things, a heavy hand is unnecessary and possibly counter productive. Trakehners have been used to improve most other German breeds at one time or another and continue to be used in this respect. They are in general more responsive and more courageous than other continental breeds but calmer than most thoroughbreds and so suit the UK rider very well. As the stallions are rigorously selected at 2y and have had to do a 100 day performance test, involving dressage, jumping and cross country at three and a half, before standing at stud, their desire and ability to work as well as their soundness is tested.

International showjumpers like Abdullah, Milton, Vital, Amiego, Hopscotch etc are part or pure Trakehner. Klaus Erhorn's Please Me and Testarrosa, White Girl etc have done well in International Eventing. Horses with Trakehner blood in International Dressage are too numerous to mention. VATOUT was first placed in Grand Prix in Germany at 7 years of age and please read his stud page details to know more. His son Vatout II , approved stallion with the Anglo-European Stud Book also won to Intemediare I. Another son Wykfield Grane Viking was qualified and did well at the World Championships at Verden in 2003. Trakehners have won at all disciplines but their beautiful movement means they are often chosen for dressage. Highwell Stud stock has gone to Canada, Australia, Germany, South Africa where they have won in competition and have been greatly valued.

Liz and  her husband Chris now spend time in Europe and can aid people looking for horses in France and Germany as well as having some of their own youngstock available. Advice on which stallion would suit your mare is readily given so do get in contact. Liz continues to prepare expert witness valuations of Trakehners and dressage horses.

Broodmares and Foals at Highwell

Broodmares and Foals at Highwell

E.St, St Pr St and Pr St Highwell Roma II

Broodmares and Foals at Highwell

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Broodmares and Foals at Highwell

Kontessa II by Kostolany

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